Fall of the Lich King!

November 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Sorry for taking ages to replay about my run in ICC. Had many things to do and haven’t had the time to get on here and post about it!



Yes that right! I have joint the group of King Slayers! After many attempts we finally killed the Lich king! WooHoo! The battle was seriously hard. At one point we didn’t think we would be able to down the King, after wiping around 15 times its kinda a downer on our spirits. But we pushed on.. and on…. and on and finally hit the the final phase! (the one where you cant lose at all!)


With me being the only ranged class we had in this fight it was very hard on me! I had to dispel the Enraged effects from the Shambling Horror, Destroy the Ice Sphere and kill as many Vile Spirits as I could before they decided that they wanted to fly down and explode…


The main problem I had was when we had to run back into the middle (Phase Transitions) I would forget to take out one of the Ice Sphere’s, causing most of our team to try there hand at flying… With no mount. It didn’t work to well.


Our other problem, and this will be for most teams that went in there, was the “Defile” Iv never hated a spell so much! For those who don’t know, this is an AOE spell that gets placed on the ground. The Lich King targets a random player and casts it. The have about a second to move out the way. This grey swirling mess forms at the targeted players feet and deals 3,000 Shadow damage to anyone in the area. Now that doesn’t sound that bad does it, but wait its not over yet. Every time a player is hit with this Defile it increases in size. There is no limit to how big it can grow. If to many people get hit then it will cover the hole boss area. There is nowhere to run. Wipe will soon follow. Agh god the amount of time we wiped because of this spell…


It finally got to that point where people said “Ok lets give it one more go and then well call it a night” One more go! That all we had. (We would of saved the raid for another day but chances are we wouldnt be able to get all the people back on) We tried again. Got to phase 2 with the Val’kyr and Defile and the worst thing happened. Our tank died! Thinking this would be over people were calling wipe… But no! Rebirth was cast on the tank. He sprang back into the action taking the Lich King off the off tank and we continued!


We had got the Lich king down to 19% before but this time we were going for it! “20%….19%…..18%!!” We were hitting the King hard. Before we knew it he had 12% HP left! Just 2% more! We can do this. Team speak was now full of people talking “Come on!!” “We can do this!” “Just 2% more people!” BOOM! The raid fell to the ground, Fury of Frostmourne had be cast! The Lich king was at 10% Cheers were going out on TS. People knew we had won. The Lick King had fallen!



I just want to say a huge thank you to my group. We all did great that night. Epic team!


The ICC Raid… That didnt happen…

November 4, 2010 Leave a comment

Sorry for not reporting about the ICC raid… It kinda didn’t happen. One of the tanks didn’t show up and we never had a replacement in the guild at the time. We have moved to next Sunday so fingers crossed I’ll have something to talk about then!


Oh well... Maybe next time.


Untill that time I will be working on my Pala tank so that next time somthing like this happends we will have another tank ready to take over.


I think I will change this blog so that its not just about my hunter. With Cataclysm coming out soon I will be making a Warrior and will have little time to play my hunter! (Not saying that I will never play my hunter again) At the moment I have 4 level 80’s and it will go up when Cataclysm comes out 🙂




Icc run with patch 4.0.1

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I’m here to talk about the raid that is Ice Crown Citadel. On Sunday the 24th I was invited to the raid to “Try out” the new talent tree. This being the first time anyone from the guild had been in there to test them, No one thought that we would get far.

As I’m sure most people know, Icecrown Citadel is the final encounter against the Lich King. It consists of 11 bosses and then the Lich King, with each boss more challenging then the last. If you haven’t been in there yet now is the time, you will love it!

Hell has a door

I was in Dalaran waiting for the raid invites to go out. The raid was going to begin at 8pm, where we would all make our way to the entrance of Icecrown Citadel. I turned up in style on my 2 seater rocket mount! While I was walking down the main entrance to the Citadel I was starting to get really nervous about my spec. About 3 days before the raid I was with Durkonkell playing around with different pet specs and my DPS wasn’t looking too great (just about hit 4k). Durkonkell reassured me that it was only a target dummy and that when in a raid its a completely different situation. He was, of course right but I was still nervous none the less.

Read on to see how I got on.

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Well that was lucky…

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So I had a spot of luck the other day. I was sitting in Dalaran waiting for Durkonkell to finish his headless horseman battle (of course there was the “You better not get the mount!” battle going on as well) and I was wondering what I could do. Before I could think of something Durkonkell returned from his battle… Oh yeah he also got the Headless horseman’s mount! Needless to say the first thing he did when he got out was run around Dalaran for a bit then go flying to the moon! (Much slapping began!)


This got me thinking. I wouldn’t mind a new mount and I know where I could find one. So I set off towards Storm Peaks. I was looking for the Time lost proto drake that was in these parts. I already knew where the spawn points for the drake were so I went on the hunt!


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Servers down.

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Looks like Blizzard are stating to look into all these problems with the Headless horseman instance. This morning was crazy when it comes to the LFG tool. I wanted to get in there with Semseye but had loads of problems.

Server information

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Cataclysm’s New Drakes!

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Iv just been looking at the new Drake mounts you can get in cataclysm and wow, they look so gorgeous. For a very long time the best looking drake in my opinion was the Netherwing drake that you could get in outland.

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Okay now this is getting silly…

October 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Prepare yourselves, the bells have tolled! Shelter your weak, your young and your old! Each of you shall pay the final sum! CRY for mercy! THE RECKONING HAS COME!

Headless Horseman

That’s right people. Its time for the headless horseman to rise again and spread fear to all that oppose him! This is probably one of my favourite holidays in World of Warcraft! His mount will be mine! Now with the new “looking for group” tool its a lot easier to get into an instance to face the Headless Horseman mono e mono and clam him mount. What doesn’t make it easy is patch 4.0.1…

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